Sunday, July 4, 2010

Infomercial or Low-Budget Organizational Porn?

You decide.

Picture this.  I'm sitting on the couch the other morning, sipping my decaf (Caffeine, how I miss you!) watching the news with Mini Mimi asleep in my lap.  She's fed, she's changed, she's happy.  I'm fed, I'm showered, I'm happy.  It's a wonderful moment where I actively think to myself, "Self, does it get any better?"


There was an infomercial for the Wonder File.    

What is the Wonder File, you ask?

WELL, I'd be delighted to tell you.  Basically, it's an expanding file that opens up to have four large corner pockets and several well sized central pockets.  You can use the corner pockets to store all sorts of papers (I'm picturing math tests to be corrected, homework to look at, your latest notes on the new reading unit you've been working on and memos that need to be dealt with) and the center pockets could be used for a laptop, a folder, some pens, a calculator, your To Do list notebook.....there are zipper pockets and smooth writing surface and then I think I might have blacked out.  A little.  (Don't worry, I had a tight grip on the baby.)  According to the infomercial, the possibilities seem to be endless.  ENDLESS!  

Here's a screen shot of the website:

(Can we just pause for a moment and admire my technological savvy?  Screen shot?  Mrs. Mimi, you have come so far...)

I'm imagining my desk at the end of the day, when it is covered in tests to be corrected, notes that need answering, a center that needs to be finished, plans that need to be made and other assorted piles of paper that leave the rainforest weeping (Oh the trees!) and how lovely it would be to pack it all up into a portable, fold-up-able organizer that I can slip right into my bag.  (Now actually taking said folder OUT and DOING all that work once at home is another story all together...but I digress.)

I am reminded of the Cascading Tote from the Container Store which literally, rocked my sense of all that is good and organized.  

Somehow, in the back of my mind, I acknowledge that the Wonder File is probably the cheaper bastard cousin who lives off of Kool Aid and an endless supply of Hamburger Helper when compared to the Cascading Tote.  But you know what?  Sometimes you've got to save a buck or two.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice style for savings.  Sometimes, you have to just believe in the power of the infomercial.

Granted, this folder could be totally hideous.  Totally hideous and a sham, but oh.  OH!  In those brief few moments before I had to talk myself out of picking up the phone and dialing away like a person possessed, in those sweet, sweet was like the whole world was organized.  And I could just slip it all into my bag.


Patti said...

This might make a terrific sub folder!

institutrice said...

I've seen this commercial - it does look fabulous!!!

JJP said...

I admit... I saw this and thought of you...and then thought of me, because I bought the multi-pocket folder, and Mrs. Mimi, you were right, it CHANGED MY LIFE!(and made many of my SC's jealous) And then I saw the ad of which you speak, and I thought to myself "Now what would Mrs. Mimi say to that?" Now I know.

GasStation Cappuccino said...

I too saw that commercial. And drooled.

As an office supply junkie, I was so proud of myself for NOT ordering it.

However, we're leaving for vacation this week, and drive by an "As Seen on TV" store...

I will be stopping.

Kim Hughey said...

I swear, I saw this the other day and the first thing I thought of was you. The second thing I thought of was how bad I wanted one.

I still don't have it. Why don't you go first and let us all know!

Mrs. H

Beth said...

Have you seen this??

A school run by teachers??? amazing!!

Laura K. said...

I love this folder!! I went right to the Container Store to order it! I told some of my colleagues and they love it 2! Hope you're enjoying your new little one and are getting some rest in there. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this past year as a 2nd grade teacher! I have shared your book with colleagues of mine 2! :) Thanks for being real and sharing your heart!

Mimi said...

Patti - totes. Sub folder magic!

JJPL - I am flattered. And I'm so glad that you are now converted to the multi-pocket folder. Amazing, aren't they?

Perhaps I will be a pioneer, bite the bullet and order this folder myself. I'll keep you posted!

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