Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

I know you might have been thinking, "Mrs. Mimi is going to bag on us on day three???" all day, as you furiously refreshed my blog page, waiting to see if I would write today. Or maybe, and probably more realistically, you carried on about your day without thinking about my blog even once. Either way, I've been mulling over what to write about today since my Sunday was nice, but pretty standard. And then it hit me.

It's Sunday.
The Sunday after a long winter break.
The Sunday night which proceeds the Monday morning during which fabulous teachers all over the country will dutifully reset their (hopefully) dusty alarm clocks and trudge into their classrooms bright and early....or even (gasp!) BEFORE bright and early, meaning before the sun even comes up!

Oh the Sunday night blues are the worst aren't they? Especially after a nice, long break. (How many days until February vacation again?) In fact, it may actually be hurting you more to just read this and for that, I am sorry.

As you can probably guess, the first day back after the winter break was always a roller coaster of emotion for me. This is most likely due to the reality that most things are roller coasters of emotion for me, what with my flair for the dramatic and all, however when it comes to the first day back I don't think I'm alone. Let's take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly shall we?

Well, there's the excitement at seeing all your Super Colleagues...after all, these are the people with whom you share your daily life oddly enough, are the same people you probably didn't talk to very much over the break. You have tons to catch up on and know lunch will be filled with fun chat for the next few days.

Plus, you probably got a bunch of extra sleep, so the Workweek Exhaustion might take a day or two longer to really settle in, which is nice.

And, I was always excited to see my little friends again. Really. (Secret bonus....the kiddos were usually so used to sleeping in that waking up early for school rendered them nearly catatonic and therefore really well behaved for the first day back.)

Obvi, no one is thrilled to go back and re-engage in the drama fueled by their very own Bacon Hunters, Fanny Packs and Weaves. If you're like me, there's always a New Year's Resolution to stay away from all the drama but somehow it always has a way of sucking you back in, kicking and screaming perhaps, but still sucking you back in.

And, while you may have been a rockstar and worked on some plans for an upcoming unit, caught up on grading papers or bought some fab new picture books, my bet is that your Vacation To Do List was miles long and still remains incomplete.

I hope this is only in my personal experience because it sucks and I wouldn't wish this upon you at all. Being the anal-retentive neat freak who enjoys being over prepared (which makes me sound like a crazy fun date, right?), I like to walk out of my classroom door with everything set up for the next day. And yes, while the last day before break did tempt me to run screaming from the building at exactly 3:01, I would always push myself to stay, organize and be ready for the first day back. I vacuumed (yes, we did it ourselves), I arranged morning assignments on desks, I wrote a welcome back message on the board - all designed to make that re-entry into work a little less painful. But every year, EACH AND EVERY YEAR, I would come back to school after a restful vacation filled with brunches, cocktails, leisure books and naps to find that all of my furniture had been moved presumably for sweeping which is lovely, but would it kill the mystery sweeper to put everything back where they found it? Desks were no longer in the same spots, seats had been switched, books knocked off the shelves, papers strewn on the floor and garbage cans no where in sight. My big comfy teacher chair would be in the middle of the room and all the computer stools would be stacked in the corner of the classroom that is the furthest point in the room from the computers. And each and every year, EACH AND EVERY YEAR, I would be furious. Where is the respect? I know the classroom doesn't belong to me personally, but it is my space for the year that I lovingly turned into a fabulous learning environment for children. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a waxed floor, but DUDE.

So prepare yourselves friends. Try to get excited about the good, stay far away from the bad (shut those doors and do your thang!) and steel yourselves for the ugly. I know you will do your BEST.

Coming soon - some ideas for maintaining that elusive positive attitude in 2010...I know, it's all so very Zen of me.


institutrice said...

This says it all. I decided on Friday that I was NOT going to do any school work today, like this was any other Sunday. So when I didn't grade my fractions quizzes yesterday, they will just have to wait. ;-) Thankfully I wrote my lesson plans last week!

I am prepared for the good and the bad, but based on six years at this school, no ugly - we've begged to have the floors re-waxed over Winter Break and get laughed at. ;-)

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

You know you're supposed to be best friends with the custodial staff, right? :)

And, I admit, I took the 31/31 challenge very seriously, but not as seriously as you. I pre-wrote some entries - I was a woman on FIRE! Is that cheating? Am I going to lose blogging cred? Your entries are sure to be well-written and original, not like the entry I phoned in today. Well, it is only one day, and the day before break is over...and my room was left a mess...and...yeah.

Christie Brewster said...

This is so incredibly true. I spent NYE wondering how many of my kindergarten munchkins would be able to stay awake until midnight. Today I'm ready to hear about all of the magic that is Christmas gifts. But the thought of getting up 3 or 4 hours earlier than I've been getting up for the past couple weeks is just not enjoyable. Thankfully I took the Christmas decorations down and cleaned up before I left! Thank you for having your pulse on all that we teachers are thinking!

Miss Adventurous said...

The UGLY part is the worst!!! I hate how they move everything over break. This year our custodial staff lovingly told us ON THE LAST DAY BEFORE BREAK to move all furniture to one side of the room and put everything away for over-the-break cleaning. I'm thankful that I got to move it myself to avoid maximum confusion... but it'll probably be a horrid mess when I get back.

It sucks to have to go in early on the first day to fix other people's messes.... right? Oh well, one of the many joys of being a teacher.

I can't wait to see my little pumpkins tomorrow. :)

--Faitfhful Reader from the Bronx

Mr. Halpern said...

I NEVER complain about my custodial in staff. In kindergarten you NEED those folks more than anyone. They clean up pee, poop, vomit, and the dreadful H1N1 from my room. :)

I'm going to need something to help me sleep tonight and a LARGE coffee in the am to help me wake up and make it through the long day.

Patti said...

The UGLY is my least favorite part. We were asked to move our furniture for floor cleaning at the end of break. I went in today and found that all the furniture had been moved to random locations. The bins of toys are now jumbled together (I had moved the shelves so the toys and books faced the wall to prevent knockovers). I already moved it for you, people. I left bare the grossest parts of the floor so they could be easily cleaned. So, knowing that someone will be in to vacuum tonight I just left it. It'll all be in a different spot tomorrow. We don't have school until Tuesday, so I'll fix it on Monday afternoon and hope for the best.

Our custodians are the nicest people on Earth and they try to make things nice for us so it's really hard to get mad, but I really want another week of vacation and I'm feeling whiny.

Rebecca said...

I was wondering when you were going to post! I thought maybe you were trapped under your dissertation. :)

Tracy Fitzwater said...

I planned on procrastinating today, but was up to speed on my 6th grade math by mid-afternoon. WHAT?! That has never happened! However, I'm shaky on the 5th hour class (oh, I have an idea or two, and luckily time after math to pull it together), and the book bag has remained untouched for two full weeks. Oh, well, if I can stay away from the drama and the annoying voice from the adjoining classroom, I'll be fine..... And I have carpet, so if it got waxed, something has gone terribly wrong.

Happy 2010!

Ian H. said...

Due to some scheduling weirdness, our district doesn't start back until Wednesday. I know at least a couple students who will forget to come to school that day :).

Unknown said...

My ugly is coming back to a room that smells of dead mouse. But can I find that mouse to have it removed and the smell lifted? No. Because mice like to die in walls so as never to be forgotten...
And, the furniture was moved...
Without waxing the floor!?

Who's Peeking?