Monday, March 30, 2009

Like A Dog With a Bone...

I am not letting this most recent drama go. If you haven't read my post from yesterday, check it out, because it's juicy!

So. I go in super early this morning and try to talk to The Visionary. Over the weekend, I sent him a fairly specific email regarding how offended I am both personally and professionally. I mean, call me loud, call me blunt, call me obnoxious....but lazy?!? I am NOT lazy and now, it is WAR!

Me: Good morning. Can I talk to you about my email? Is now a good time?
The Visionary: No. I have a meeting to get to.
Me: Ok. Is there a time later today when we can speak?
The Visionary: I'm not sure. Speak to the Weave.
Me: Ok. I will. But I'd like to talk to you too.
The Visionary: There will always be drama. (walks away)

Uh, duh! Of course there's always drama. We're in a building brimming with women and thanklessness.

I am not going to let this go.

The Weave writes us an email (evidently it is easier to be an inconsiderate douche via email than it is in person...note to self) that says we simply misunderstood. The Bacon Hunter was simply advocating for us to be "transparent" and keep everyone "up to date" on our progress so that we are "alligned" across the building....

...basically it was an email full of educational buzzwords. You know, "transparency", "allignment", "standards-based", "data-driven", "horseshit". All those old faves which, when used together and in exactly the right way MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Seriously, she was one bullshit phrase away from asking me to "do it for the kids." ( And you know that it is a sure fire way to send me into a bit of a rage. I mean, I love the kids, but...well, we will save that discussion for another day. )

(insert yoga breathing here)

My Super Colleague, in a moment of sheer genius and unbelieveable balls, wrote a response to The Weave's email, acknolwedging the need for "transparency" and "accountability" and asking that The Bacon Hunter be held similarly "accountable" for the value she adds and be more "transparent" about her exact role.


Shut the front door!

So the war continues. I am not going to let this die until The Bacon Hunter is forced to discuss this with us. I will be heard.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, girl!

Amanda said...

Ugh. I am so sorry that teachers, who should be focused on TEACHING, are wasting their time on this BS. Hugs to you!

R2P2 said...

Boo-yah to the Super Colleague! Stay strong!

Bea said...

ahhh this is so exciting. i'm feeling the need to make signs and form a protest rally. hang in there and keep us updated!

Sarah said...

Good luck! I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting, if it ever happens!

Erin said...

Recently discovered your blog and got all caught up on the archives, so now I feel okay posting comments, since I'm reading entries that aren't, you know, 2 years old ;)

Def. keep us posted ... we're all pulling for you guys, even if your administration doesn't seem to be.

Give your Super Colleague a high five for all of us!

jerel said...

Man oh man, I wish I could call bullshit when it's so in my face the way your Super Colleague did.

While I'm sure letting it go might do wonders for your stress She insulted you on your work. It would be easy to dismiss if she said she didn't like your haircut or your shoes. This is your life--because these kids are a part of us, and when someone says "you suck at your [teaching] job," it becomes "you suck as a person." And just, no.

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