Friday, March 20, 2009

Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

I woke up this morning happy for many reasons. It's Friday. I didn't oversleep. Mr. Mimi is coming home from a business trip today. And, it is FINALLY the first day of spring.

I heart spring.
I love teaching about seeds and plants and having all kinds of things growing around my room.
I love that my friends are still cute, but old enough to be almost completely indpenednet in our classroom.
I love starting to pull out my spring clothes and retiring wooly sweaters.
I love open toed shoes.
I love that it is still light outside when I come home.
I love long walks.
I love March Madness. (Somewhere Mr. Mimi is reading this and thinking, "liar!" And he's right, I really love the beer and wings.)
I love it all.

I got out of bed, started the shower and looked out the window.


WTF? Aren't we done with this?

Ok, yes, I did celebrate the snow just a few short weeks ago when our school was gifted with a snow day. But now? Enough is enough.

So I put away my cute sleeveless top and pulled out a wooly sweater. Boo.

When I got to school, we talked about how crazy it was that it snowed on the first day of spring. And I was all set to regale my little friends with my I Hate Snow speech when one of them raised their hand.

"Mrs. Mimi, I think it snowed today because the snow wanted to say good bye to us for another year."

"Oooo...I agree! I think he (not sure why "snow" is a boy, but whatever) wanted to play with us one more time."

"I think the snow was crying, because winter is over and it's not his turn anymore."

And just like that, my day got better.

(I know, a fairly shmultzy post coming from yours truly, but I thought we could all do with a little cute to get us through the rest of March!)


Em said...

Isn't it just like our little friends to turn around our days like that. I have to write down the cute/sweet things they say, though, or the gloom of the day sometimes erases them from my mind. Just now I was trying to remember the funniest/cutest thing that one of my friends said today and now it's gone...oh well... It's my SPRING BREAK! :)

Jason Oller said...

Spring Started at 6:45 am this morning.

Well anyway, I remember 2nd grade. It is where I really started to remember better. I also became a voracious reader. I don't read as much now, but I try to read a little everyday.

I hate it when I see 8th graders reading 2nd and 3rd grade books I remember reading. I also hate seeing high schoolers with 2nd grade books. (Their Special Ed in HS, but come on, 2.1 Level AR Books. I also know people who read those types of books for a joke.)

I can't watch "The Drew Carey Show" the same way.(I imagine you to be more normal than that MiMi)

Angel The Alien said...

Oh thats so sweet. Now I feel a little guilty about not liking winter! Leave it to little kids to see the love and beauty in EVERYTHING, right?

Hays Family 5 said...

Your little friend was so right! I saw that it was snowing in NYC on the today show....I live in KS and we didn't have snow!

Beth said...

I do love the things kids can say. They always seem to change my perspective.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimi,
Just found your blog and we are future teachers! So happy spring is finally here, can't wait for the warmer weather, gardening, walking, and ice cream!

And isn't it nice how one student's perspective can change yours? Enjoyed browsing here.

Mary Louise Brooks said...

Good job on BB! Keep taking his crap away from him. Break him down! I don't care how horrible that sounds. You're in control, not him. I like how your students snitched. They should get gold stars! YEAH! Keep up with the notes in a notebook so if (yeah, right) mom comes to visit, you can whip out your trusty notebook and show her all of his behaviors. High fives all around!

Brenda said...

Kids say the cutest thing- just in time to cheer us up :)
I live in Florida, so it has felt like spring for a while now. I hope you get the warmer weather soon.

miss bioteacher said...

one of my high school kids said the same thing, that snow wanted to say goodbye.. too cute

Tom.... said...

Last week it was perfect golf weather, and this week is our spring break. Never fails that it rains at least three of the days our district designates as "Sanity Restoration Week."
At least it hasn't snowed.
Tom Anselm, author

Sarah said...

Don't you just love their point of view?!

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