Monday, December 22, 2008

Literally Bursting With Excitement

My friends are jazzed. It is almost vacation and it is all they can do to hold it together. I am also barely holding it together as I alternate between panicking over how much I have left to do before the holidays and fantasizing about all that extra sleep...

In my classroom, it is time for wrapping everything up so that we can start fresh in '09. Today I asked Curly Girl (no, not Curly, but one of my new super just so happens she also has curly hair. Maybe I am curl-ist? Pro-curls? ) to work on a special project at the back of the classroom with Smarty Pants (another girl who I am totally digging lately. I know, what's with all the girls as faves since I typically love the bad boys...). They are independent and basically total rock stars so I knew I could trust them.

The rest of my friends were on the carpet when Smarty Pants enthusiastically raises her hand and says, "We need help!"

Thinking that they just need more paint or something, I say, "What is it?"

Smarty Pants answers, "Curly Girl just peed all over herself and the floor and we need help with the puddle."

Ah, yes. Of COURSE that's the problem. Urine is just what I need to make my tenuous hold on the class' brimming excitement to dissolve into nothing.

Oddly though, no one laughed or said anything. I knew they heard Smarty Pants. So what was the deal? Was this empathy? A mature response? Or perhaps, is no listening to a freaking thing this close to vacation?

As soon as I send the rest of the group back to their seats, I make my way to the back of the classroom to check out Curly Girl and her infamous puddle. Expecting to find her sobbing behind the art center, I am surprised when I see her diligently painting away, with her pants rolled up to her knees to stay out of the puddle, acting as if nothing has happened.

Me: Curly Girl, are you OK? What happened?
Curly Girl: I BURST!
Me: (Trying not to laugh) Why didn't you ask to go to the bathroom?
Curly Girl: I was so into the project that I just didn't.
Me: (Shocked that Curly Girl is handling this better than I am.) What can I do to help you?
Curly Girl: You know anyone who can take care of this? (Indicates puddle of pee.)
Me: Um, yea. (still tyring not to laugh). What can I do for YOU? Do you want to go to the bathroom and I'll call mom?
Curly Girl: Sounds good...let me just finish this up.

And she happily goes back to painting. A couple of minutes later, she cleans off her paint brush, nimbly leaps over her own pee and heads to the bathroom.

When mom arrives with a clean pair of pants, I tell her the story. Mom and I have a good laugh while Curly Girl goes to the bathroom yet again, this time to change her pants. It is close to the end of the day, so I tell her it is OK if she wants to go home with mom. She insists on staying in school, stating, "Hey, it was just a little pee."

Words of wisdom from my little friend that I am going to use to get me through the rest of the holidays. When I am freaking out about not having the right bow, or only getting through the Ws on my Christmas card list, I will think, "hey, it's all just a little pee."


Jules said...

what a cool little girl! I love her nonchalance and confidence! And I giggled out loud at the last part. What a fun way to go out for (ALMOST!!!!) vacation. Good luck surviving tomorrow!

Kim Hughey said...

I knew there was a reason I decided to teach high school!

Have a wonderful break and get lots of rest. It sounds like you're going to need it.

Cassy said...

Great story. How cool your class is so content and happy, the little girl was so into her work. Great reflection on you! And yes, it's often just a little pee. One more day! Yeah!

ChiTown Girl said...

That story was exactly what I needed to read today, cuz I'm having a craptastic day!!! Now, I know, "it's just a little pee!" Thanks for sharing!!

Garland said...

I had a 3rd grade girl "burst" in front of the whole class my first year. They just don't prep you in college for that!

Meg Pie said...

I always think that when one of my "friends" has a bathroom accident that all the kids will make fun. It's like they don't even care! That is too funny! What a darling!

Happy Holidays!

Em said...

First of all, Curly Girl ROCKS! What an awesome little girl! I wish that every kid could handle wet pants with that much grace! And good for your class for not making fun or making a big deal out of it. Wow!

Second, I can't believe your school STILL has you all hammering away in the classroom! Are they NUTS?! (Wait, don't answer that...) I hope you get off soon and that you have a good break (hopefully one that is the appropriate TWO WEEKS LONG!)

Merry Christmas!

jerel said...

You all are still in school?!? I hope you all go back later in January. (We got out Friday but go back on the 5th.)

Either you have the coolest 7-year-olds in the history of teaching or their brains had already gone on vacation. Perhaps a little bit of both.

Have a great break and a great holiday.

Carey said...

I had two boys last week pee in their pants (2nd grade). This is the first time in years. Both of them were in the bathroom alreay when it happened. Both were nonchalant about it. The class had the same reaction, well didn't react. I was shocked too. ~Carey

The Bus Driver said...

thats a kid that totally has her own look on life!!

Chebrutta said...

I love it! But at the same time... totally excited that in middle school, I only have to deal with vomit.

Mrs. Michelle Correia said...

I think my High Schoolers could learn from Curly Girl how to take embarrassment with grace.

Hugh O'Donnell said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Mimi!

tauna said...

Wonderful story. Thank you for the humor...we need it! And to take things a little less seriously, like this delightful little girl.

I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work with seeing the 'light' side of things amidst the frustrations.

Broom Rider said...

Mrs. Mimi,
I am totally hooked on your blog and you have inspired me to finally start one of my own! I even went WAY back and read everything posted. Crazy I know, but dang girl! Okay ..I totally laughed my ass off and even snorted when I read about the boy and the crap. You just can't make this up. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. It's back to the funny farm for me on Monday. Take care and I totally look forward to more of your posts.

Kimberly said...

Mrs. Mimi,
You really make me laugh! I'm private school so my issues are a little different than yours - but it's a small world anyhow! Last day before break I'm busy trying to tie things up because during the last 2 weeks we've had 2 school delays, 2 early dismissals, and 3 days off school due to snow and ice with power failure. Anyhow in comes the school secretary - I need to figure out which second grade boy left his dirty underwear in the boys' bathroom - it must be second grade because only one first grader has left in the last hour. Now personally I don't care whether everyone is wearing underwear! But I do as I'm told and talk a long look around my busy classroom; I really have no idea who has left the room because we've been busy and they pull their card and go one at a time. Did manage to guess correctly on the first guess - just sort of looked for a guilty possibility and guessed the boy not really sitting down on the chair but kind of floating. Bizarre conversation in the hallway with that child!

Zoemonster said...

do you have an "invite only blog" ? if so, may I have an invite?

Zoemonster said...

do you have an "invite only blog" ? if so, may I have an invite?

Dee said...

You could totally eat lunch with our group LOL We are high school but the humor still applies. I will think about this new motto for the rest of the year!

TeachHUB said...

Awesome! I wish I had Curly Girl's confidence. It really shows that your attitude can affect those around you...that lesson could save kids (and some adults) a lot of grief. Kudos for making a lesson so fun a kid would rather pee themselves than take a break.

One question though: did you have to clean that up?

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Unknown said...

I totally heart Curly Girl.

Who's Peeking?