Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just A Thought...

I just went to the art store in an attempt to relive my childhood. You see, when I was little, there was an art store near my house that I went to so often, I practically bankrupted my parents. (Thanks mom!) But then it went out of business. The other day, I was driving around doing errands when I got lost and...stumbled upon the same art store!

Since there was no school today, I decided to (hold on) do something for myself (ta-dah!). It was dusty and cluttered and fabulous. Pens, pencils, papers, all kinds of paints scattered everywhere. I was chatting with the owner, and revealed that I am a teacher. Just then another woman walked in and the owner told me that she was a teacher and long-time customer as well.

Me: Hi, how are you? Enjoying the day off?
Her: (grunt)
Me: (Did she just grunt at me? Or did she just have lunch and is suffering from some indigestion?) I hear you're a teacher too.
Her: Yea. Where do you teach?
Me: In the neighboring city. (Ok, I didn't really say that, because that sounds a bit lame, but I'm certainly not going to out myself for this blog post)
Her: Me too. What school? (More grunting.)
Me: The Blah Blah School.
Her: Never heard of it. You new?
Me: No, actually I've been teaching for eight years.
Her: (grunts) You hate it yet?

Um, pardon me? First of all, we're not at work today and that's pretty killer. Second, why do you keep grunting? And third, what is wrong with you? I don't even know this person and am just trying to exchange some pleasantries, but she seems hellbent on grunting and being negative. Even I, Ms. Negative Von Complains A Lot, am not THAT negative, especially on a day off.


Ms. Teach said...

Sheesh! While I may seem like I hate teaching with my dry humor and complete frustration some days, even I don't let strangers in on this secret!!

Erica Thomas said...

Ahh, we have a teacher at my school who is the same way. He constantly asks me "So, when ya quitting?" I've learned to steer clear of certain lounges and offices in order to avoid the negativity.

Rebecca said...


Perhaps she was at the store because she is severe need of some art therapy to process her bitter feelings?

Em said...

It's always nice to know that there is someone out there who is more negative than you are. I know I always feel that way.

I hope you had a good day off and that you enjoyed the art store!

ChiTown Girl said...

Yikes! I'm with Ms. Teach. I never let "strangers" in on my venting about my job. And, truthfully, that's because at the end of the day, I still LOVE teaching. I may not be happy with my current situation, but I don't for a moment regret my career choice.

While I was reading your story, my mind went in a different direction, and I got way ahead of you (then turned out to be wrong!) My theory was that perhaps the lovely owner of this art store gave this teacher/longtime customer some freebies once in a while, and she was afraid you were going to muscle in on her goodies. Or, maybe she was just a bitch!

Ashley Anderson said...

I agree with chitown girl! I know that there are just those days when you may feel like the world itself is about to fall on top of you but at the end of the day you chose to be a teacher for a reason! And for whatever reason that is I'm sure that the next day has to be better. I would never complain to a complete stranger about how I pretty much hate my job!!!! I mean how would that make me look to that person? It's crazy! Maybe next time just steer clear of that lady in the store that way she doesn't bring your day down!

TeachHUB said...

It's kind of like dealing with your family. You can complain about your relatives all you want. You can tease your brothers and sisters mercilessly, but the second someone else does.... hell no.

Lori said...

everyone needs to vent, but sheesh. if you're that bitter you need to find a new line of work.

Maria said...

Hi, I'm a student teacher and I am having problems with a few of the teachers in my schools that I am working in. There are a handful of teachers who have been teaching for probably 20 years or more, and are incredibly negative and huge gossips. I try my hardest to just listen and not contribute to anything being said, and I don't bring my personal life to work with me, as they all do, but I'm finding it really difficult to just listen anymore. I'm really close to telling them to get lost and leave me alone, (I'm not one to tell people off, at all). But it seems like they all come to me to vent their problems, but I can't figure out why because I am not even certified to be a teacher yet! I know they go to each other too, but then they come to me about each other. My biggest fear about this is the students overhearing their complaining! Does anyone else have to deal with this at all? How do you handle it without losing your temper or making yourself nuts?! I think I really need to know that there are teachers out there who are actually mature and know how to behave like teachers should!

Jen Barney said...

Oh Mimi- Maybe she had to fart and you talking to her wasn't allowing her to focus? Happens you know!
Take care- Jen

Not Quite Grown Up... said...

For your credit, Mimi, I never think you sound negative on your blog. You paint a realistic picture of the many hurdles we all have to go through to educate the children in our schools, but you don't sound negative. Even if your posts may be "complaining" on the outside, the fact that you care deeply about what you do and the children with whom you work shows through clearly.

I hope you found the art supplied you were looking for and were able to have a nice day off from school.

Unknown said...

I am about to intern in January and have heard about all of this before. Mostly in my University classes and videos. It is sad to see this blog with real teachers showing me that it is all real. I have been taught in my classes to never go to the teachers lounge and to avoid all the negative people in the school. This has actually made me feel better though because you all seem positive and can see the negativity in this woman and how bad it is. Thanks for staying positive and try not to worry too much about others negativity.

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