Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kickin' It Old School...Because I'm Old

In an effort to try to cushion the blow of going back to work (and going in early), today I went in about 10:00. I am absolutely NOT setting my alarm clock until I absolutely need to...and watching the Today Show while sipping on coffee is just so darn lovely.

Now when I went in last week NO ONE was there...and therefore I got a LOT done. As I sauntered in today, I realized that EVERYONE is back and it took me a full hour to just get to my classroom. There was lot of screaming, hugging and talk of summer. And although there was a pounding in my head (in which each beat belted out yet another to do off the old Proverbial To Do List), it was nice.

That's right, I said it was nice to be back. Enjoy it now, because I predict complaining in the near future.

I saw The Weave. We hugged. It was fuzzy and warm. I don't expect it to last.

Once I arrived at my classroom, it took me yet another hour to actually get started. Dude, teachers like to talk...and deny how much work they have. But then I looked around and realized that there were just a few of us talking. Those of us who had been around the block a few times if you know what I mean (and I think you do). Personally, I think it is sick that I have been teaching less than ten years, yet am somehow considered to be one of the "older" staff members.

The other day I said I "took the plunge" by going back early. Let's roll with the swimming metaphor, shall we? So I guess now one could say I am confidently breast-stroking my way to the first day (I heart you Michael Phelps...and your oddly low-riding bathing suit). I changed bulletin board paper, started to make name tags, organized student supplies all while rocking out to Snoop (have I not mentioned that I am a fairly closeted fan of the Dogg?)...I mean, honestly, I was in my organizational element. Sharpies poised and ready to label.

And then I paused and looked at the "new girls". They are all wide eyed and panicky....or (to extend the metaphor) thrashing around naked trying desperately not to drown. A few of them even stood in my room and took notes. Seriously. They were in that awful place where they stand around, nervously giggling with one another, yet accomplishing absolutely nothing.

It was then that I realized being old wasn't so bad...


Anonymous said...

Yup. I'm getting old too. This is my 8th year in the classroom and I am very happy with my place on the 5th grade team -- the youngest and least experienced. It rocks to work with such solid people. And none of us giggle.

Anonymous said...

Is there an adolecent phase? I think I'm there...LoL

Em said...

Well I'm going on year 6 here myself. There is a brand new never-taught-before gal who I absolutely love to pieces who is the new band teacher. She was TOTALLY overwhelmed by her room today, though, and left before I even got a chance to get down there and check it out with her. God bless her...

Unknown said...

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:) Abigail

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