Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just Say No...

The other day, we were in curriculum planning committee meetings when I learned a new trick to add to my bag. It is serious genius. I think it is the sheer simplicity of it all that really blows my, how did I not think of this before??

So we're in this meeting working on re-working the ENTIRE social studies curriculum. It's a TON of work, but very exciting work. The classroom teachers dive right in and get to work. Out of the classroom teachers are sitting around and have just about perfected that "we're-definitely-not-busy-but-in-reality-are-completely-useless-so-don't-bother-us" look.

That's not fair. There are a few (the proud, the brave) who actually bust their behinds. So to you, fine friends, I am sorry, but you are lumped in with a bunch of dead weight.

The chair of our committee turns and asks one of the do-nothings to please make a copy of a specific document so we can all look it over and continue. Mind you, we are mandated to be in this meeting until 3:00. It is 1:35 (we had a half day...).

She looks right at the committee chair and says, "no."

Just "no."

That's it, no explanation.


The committee chair was so shocked that she just turned and asked a teacher, who had to leave her work, to go do it while this do-nothing (who frankly doesn't even deserve a nick name... I refuse to waste my mental energy thinking of something quirky and humorous for this dope) sat and continued to stare blankly.

The saddest part is that she has been in the system for so long, that she makes more than all of us combined.


Jennifer said...

my principal-- i'm still deciding on a name, it's either Ms. Dr. Bald, Ms. Dr. Tarantula Lashes, or Ms. Dr. Silver Lip Gloss-- said i could do something over the weekend recently. i looked right at her and said, "no, i really can not do that this weekend." she asked if i had something to do and i told her i certainly did, and that it was to preserve my personal life. i did it in a friendly way, and she took it like a man.

Mimi said...

Did she TELL you to do something over the weekend, or did she ASK you??? That is insane...good for you for saying no!!!

My vote is for Ms. Tarantula Lashes, PhD.

Anonymous said...

I bet she told you ,right? I had a principal TELL me I had to take a weekend class at the district because they needed a minimum. I didn't get a choice. I had to leave my kids at home with a sitter all day and I am a single mom! It was awful. I was ticked. I now know how to say NO!
Mystery Teacher

Jennifer said...

It wasn't like it was a direct order. It was more of a "oh you can do THIS over the weekend!" kind of thing, which I felt totally comfortable refusing. Plus, I hate her. Plus, the thing I was supposed to do over the weekend was get a purchase order ready for instructional materials and supplies to make the instructional materials work which she had verbally approved. Today I submitted the order and she denied the supplies, which made the instructional materials completely void of use.

Anonymous said...


Who's Peeking?