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Thursday, January 29, 2015

It Doesn't Take Much...

Last week I visited a school and, as a result of my drive and need to obsessively drink as much coffee as humanly possible in the morning, needed to hit the ladies promptly upon my arrival.

You guys.  It was lovely.  In a sad, sad, teachers-don't-really-ask-for-much kind of way.  First of all, it was a regular height.  Now, I love to work my thighs as much as the next girl thinking ahead to summer, but honestly?  I don't need to desperately squat in heels over a toilet designed for a five year old.  Quite a picture, I know, but I have always been one to say it like it is, no?

Second of all, it had a working lock, ample toilet paper that was not the standard 1/4 ply and a sink that had actual warm water and normal people soap.

And there was more!

In the corner, was a lovely shelf stocked with anything one could want in the middle of the day and, in a haste to grab their 45 pound bag and third coffee, might have forgotten.  We are talking a variety of hand lotions, a couple of hair products, tissues, aspirin, cough drops, gum....you name it!  And none of that oddly generic stuff either; it was all legit.  Stuff that made you feel like someone, anyone, thought about what might make your day a little easier and decided not to cheap out and rely on the thought to count.

I mean, some professionals necessitate a corner office, require a personal assistant, demand an expense account or, you know, ask for a moment to sit in peace and eat their lunch.  Whatever.  All we teachers want is a little respect and possibly a toilet that is higher than 12 inches off the ground.  You know, one designed for adults.  Is that too much to ask?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Trading Balance For Some New Habits

...yet sadly I wish my chosen new habits felt more dicey or badass but alas, I am a teacher and a mommy, so here goes.

I went to the gym today.  I went to the gym today for essentially the first time in a little over four and a half years.  YEEEEAAARRRRSSSSSS.

(Need I remind you of Mini Mimi's precise age?  It's just shy of four and a half.  'Nough said.)

(And there's another one now too, so the gym has been a bit of a thing in my rear view mirror.  My ever-expanding rear view mirror.  Ahem.)

I think it goes without saying that Mrs. Mimi is embarking on a journey of starting newer, healthier, more balanced habits and, if I do say so myself, so far so good.  But it's haaaard.  (Can we please note that in true teacher-fashion, I decided to start these fabulous new habits on the Monday after the holiday?  Partially because I'm a bit anal and "new things must start on Mondays" and partially because I couldn't possibly start something new during the winter break.  I mean....)

I have been searching for balance for many years.  And after those many, many years I have decided that balance is bullshit.  It's elusive, punishing and just makes me feel bad about myself.  (For confirmation of my failed attempts at "balance," click here, here or here.)No teacher worth her Super Colleague Cape ever achieved perfect balance.  The pendulum is too cruel and always in motion - sometimes we are super teachers who are crushing it in our classrooms while constantly ordering take out and acting like those monthly gym membership fees aren't taunting us.  Other times we are strong, fun, responsive friends ready to listen but totally behind on our paperwork.  And then there are times that our kids need us and then...well then it is just a goddamn crapshoot isn't it.  I consider myself lucky when everyone is clothed, fed and I've managed to leave the house in matching (fabulous) shoes. 

So balance is out and it's all about habit forming in my world.  My habits of choice?  Gym going, blogging, and more professional reading.  (Okay, that is just scraping the surface, but do you really need to read about things such as picking out my outfit the night before rather than in a panic in my dark closet or going to bed by 10?  I think not.)

What I like about habit forming rather than striving for balance, is that the idea of forming a new habit means you just have to get started.  Lazy ass!  Just get started!  (Or that's what I yell at myself when the wine and the couch just call my name....Oh Miiiiiimiiiii!)  So I'm starting.  Now.  Go! 

What habits are you trying to form in this new year?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Makes YOU Fabulous?

For the last few years (minus those periods of time when I dropped out of the blogosphere to, you know, have babies and all), I have not been shy about naming what makes a teacher fabulous.  Okay, if I'm really honest with you and myself, I have not exactly been shy about naming what makes myself fabulous in the classroom. 

We all have days where we feel like fabulous teachers.  We walk into our organized classrooms, greet our students with a smile and then proceed to teach several hours of kick a$$ lessons in which all students are engaged and make progress as learners.  There are no major behavioral issues.  There are no complaints about not having a pencil.  There are no interruptions over the intercom.  The photocopier stands free, without a line, and works flawlessly.  Not a paper jam for miles.  It is a good day.  You return to your classroom at the end of the day, smiling to yourself and wishing you had your own theme music because the day was Just. That. Good.

If you enjoy nerding out as much as I do, there are wonderful research based best practices out there for us to hang our hat on and I believe that teachers can, should and do keep up with those.   It is critical that we share our fabulous.  However, there are also all sorts of studies and papers and articles pontificating about what it means to be a good teacher, who is effective, who is not effective and why the so-called demise of the public education system is all our fault.  It is a lot of fire and brimstone and most of it is largely not helpful. 

Listen, we know how to be fabulous.  We need to harness our fabulous for those days that don't go as planned, are filled with interruptions or leave you wondering how you are going to reach several struggling friends.  Those days exist too.  And while I try my hardest to turn those days into funny stories, they often bring me down and make my fabulous feel further away like it's locked up in a box in a room full of mandates, meeting agendas and old piles of data. 

I think it's time we define what makes us fabulous for ourselves. My lovely friends over at the International Reading Association agree with me and want to help me share our collective fabulousness.  Clearly, there are many rockstar teachers out there; you can nominate a fabulous Super Colleague and help share his or her fabulous.  Leave a comment on the IRA's Facebook page or email them at social@reading.org with the subject line, "I know a fabulous teacher!"  Do it.  Think about how fabulous you can make another teacher feel and the importance of contributing to the conversation about what makes teachers...there isn't another word for it...fabulous!

Oh...and PS, check out MY NEW BOOK!   It is part hilarious, part research-based, and all practical.  (I promise to stop being such a Me Monster but it keeps staring at me from the corner of my desk and shouting, "What about me?!") 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Changing the Conversation

A phone call I had with a friend after finishing the school year last summer:

Her: You know, you sound better.  Happier.  You just sound happier now that the year is over.
Me:  That sucks.  I sound miserable for most of the year and then there are a few weeks where I actually sound happy?
Her: Uh, kind of. 
Me: But I love my job.  Most of the time it makes me feel happy.
Her: Well you certainly don't sound that way...

And you know what?  She's right.  I don't sound that way most of the time.  Most of the time I'm complaining about a new mandate, or my schedule, or not having enough time or the ten million other little things that actually are annoying but really?  Are they worth sounding perpetually unhappy?  Don't get me wrong, I love to drag out the old soapbox and a cocktail and get-my-complain-on with the best of them (Hi, have you met my blog?), but perhpas my complaining and negativity had taken over a bit too much.  Yes, there is a lot to be unhappy about in education at times, but if someone asked me if I would like to have any other career, the answer would be "no."  (Okay, maybe it would be a resounding "YES!" if someone called and asked me to name nail polish colors because for some reason I think that job sounds amaaaaazing, but the lovely people at Essie have yet to offer me anything.)  

During my deeply nerdy days as a doctoral student, I interviewed teachers about their lives as educators.  While my dissertation did not focus on the issue of teacher happiness exactly, I did discover that many teachers, great teachers, were hugely unhappy with a number of aspects of our career.  Relationships with colleagues, relationships with administrators, relationships with data, the clock and curriculum all ranked as high on the These Things Have The Potential to Suck scale.  

The thing is, none of these aspects of teaching are going to go away.  Some of them may continue to get worse.  Others may improve.  But none of them are going to disappear off the plate of the teacher.  (Things rarely do....)  So what do we do?  Do we continue to complain and sound perpetually unhappy (or even worse feel perpetually unhappy)?  

This conversation, my nerdy research and my work with teachers inspired me to write Be Fabulous.  And while I think we need to continue to raise hell about the education issues we feel passionate about, we also need to be able to smile as we face our classrooms and ourselves.  (Am I getting too self-helpy?  Just let me know...for reals.  A little smack or something.)  I hope that it helps you refocus your energy and take back some of the control of not only your classroom, but your teaching career.  At the very least, I hope it's an entertaining read that leaves you with a few ideas and a lot of laughs.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Book Drops Today!

Hey y'all!  Short little post today- don't want to jump in the deep end too soon and throw my back out or something!

Not to be all Me Monster but MY BOOK DROPS TODAY!!!!  What?!  I said, "MY BOOK DROPS TODAY!"  Join me as I pour a little out for you, my homies, who are working it on the front lines.  Soon, my friends, I'll stop talking about me and MY BOOK and get back to keeping it real.  But for now?  There is much jumping up and down, squealing and crying at my house- and that's just the Minis!  

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hold the newest addition to my published family in my hands.  If you want to order one or just know more about Be Fabulous, click here.  For now?  I think the best celebration is a good night's sleep!  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm Baaaaack....Again...This Time With A Book!


It's been awhile, no?  I've missed you guys.  I know many of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "Uh, then why didn't you post, you delinquent blogger?"  Well, there's a lot to that answer, so here is my best effort at explaining myself and my wee absence.  (I say anything under a year can be termed "wee.")

First of all, I've been doing my best to crush it in the classroom.  And, as you know, crushing it in the classroom means setting aside most thing that aren't termed "basic needs."  (Hello, intimidating pile of laundry that remains undone, I'm looking at you and thinking...maybe I can just wash the underwear???  Basic.  Needs.)

Plus, while I didn't make a super big deal about it over here on the blog, I did add another tiny human to the Mimi clan.  Our newest Mini is the sweetest boy in the history of boydom but for the love of all things holy this boy never sleeps!  I mean,  not that I've been counting, but I went 361 days without sleeping through the night.  For reals.  But now he is one and continues to be twinkly and amazing in addition to sleeping better so...hallelujah.

Annnnndddddd, because I felt like I needed a little something on the side...you know, because the hours of 2 through 5 a.m. were not occupied...I've been working on a book.  Yes, I wrote another book.  It's called Be Fabulous and I like to think that it is.  The book officially drops tomorrow and after I poor a little out for my Super Colleague homies in celebration, I promise to post again with more deets.  In the meantime, here's the linky loo.

I am so happy to be back...I just need to dust off my wind machine and then it's on!!!

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