Saturday, June 18, 2011

We Are A Group Divided

It is that time of year, my friends.  We are a group divided.  On one hand, we have those that are currently sipping their coffee, checking their fave blogs (and thinking, "MY GOD! She's NOT dead!  She just hasn't finished her school year yet...") - basically, those who are in the midst of relaxing because they are finished with their school year and HOLY CRAP the end was brutal so don't look at me like that when I hit snooze on my alarm clock. 

And to those friends, I say, "Yea you!"  And, "Can you pass me a little liquid encouragement to end the year with a BANG instead of a sad, scrambling mess?"

So, yes, there are those friends and then there's the rest of us.  Those of us who aren't quite done yet, but the end is in sight.  Like a glimmering light at the end of a long tunnel or a really fantastic shoe sale that's two weeks away but you already have a pair all picked out.

No matter which group you fall into, the end of the year is brutal.  Bru-tal with a capital "are-you-freaking-kidding-me?"  There are portfolios to be organized, grades to be calculated, report cards to be filled out, classes to be reconfigured, classrooms to be cleaned and put to bed for the summer, cumulative files to be dealt with and, wait, what's that other thing?  Hold on, it will come to me....oh, right!  The kids.  There are kids who still need to be taught.

Combine that with all the special end-of-the-year events (Field Day!  Surprise Assemblies!  Awards Ceremonies!  Field Trips! Just Poke Me In the Eye Day!)  (Sidenote: Mini Mimi recently just poked mommy in the eye and it sucks.  Note to self- must stop making that joke as it seems to be a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts.)

No matter how organized you are or how on-top-of-your-shiznit you claim to be, the end is a race (a drag out, full on dead heat) to the finish.  I hope that in all the chaos and frantic list making that you remembered to savor those last few moments with your friends, that you all found the time to reflect on your time together and all that you have learned and that (even if you were faking it) ended your year with a BANG and not a poke to the eye.


Littlest Learners said...

As someone with...wait for it...SEVEN. DAYS. LEFT...this cracked me up. Oh, did I mention that we are not an air-conditioned building? An eye poke sounds good to me as the ER does offer a/c.

:) Jodi from the Clutter-Free Classroom

Briana said...

Ha! Loved this! Came across and enjoyed it while I was taking a break from (read: avoiding) my report cards. Thanks! :)

Sioux said...

We had a tornado on Earth Day, it blew the roof off of our school, and we had to move to the middle school for the last three weeks of school. Needless to say, not much was taught in those three weeks, so our year "ended" much earlier than expected.

Have a sip/a gulp/a bottle of something to celebrate the end. An don't forget--the beginning of the next year will come all too quickly.

Sioux said...

It sounds like you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Go towards the light!

(And enjoy your time off. All-too-soon, the next school year will begin. And so it starts all over again...)

Linda said...

I'll try to not gloat about being more than 2 weeks out of school, if you promise to not taunt me in early August, when I return.

Jodi, I TOTALLY emphasize about the A/C - until I went South, I usually had to swelter out the last days of school.

I knew a teacher who brought in her personal A/C unit, and used it to compel good behavior - act up, and she turned it off. You better believe she had angels the last month!

Cathy said...

The end of the year (funnily enough) happens in December for us in Australia - but it's exactly as you describe!

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