Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday List Mania - The Sick Chronicles

Evidently, getting so worked up over all these firings has made me sick. Literally. I am typing to you from bed, surrounded by transcripts that need to be turned into coherent dissertation chapters and picture books that need reviewing for my website. I am not done with my educational ranting (Please!), but I do think in the interest of all of us feeling better, we should take a break. (Plus, I am unable to take any crack-like cold medication which would provide a much needed kick-in-the-pants to be once again, hilarious.) (And I like lists.)

So a list it is. Last night, I read over some of my posts filed under "I heart my kids" and here are some of the older and more wonderful ones that will hopefully bring a smile to your face today. I know my friends were often what kept me from running screaming from the building or poking myself in the eye or drowning myself in a sea of cocktails. (Wait...)

Speaking of poking myself in the eye... How about the time when Bubbles brought me a beautiful painting and made one of the worst weeks ever that much better?

Mini Friend might have been the cutest kindergartner on the face of the planet last year. With a fabulous Naughty Boy edge to his personality and a certain way with words, he always made me smile.

What about all the unexpected things our friends say that make our days so much better than a coffee-fueled race til 3?

Maybe you think this post is a cop out. Maybe you're right. Either way, reading these made me feel better last night...not Nyquil better, but better and that has to be worth something.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, Ms. Mimi, I hope you feel better soon.

Melissa said...

My most recent hilarious moment didn't come from my kids, it came from another teacher! We had bus evacuations today (because it is the law- insert mini lesson about laws here-) and it was way above my preschoolers' heads. THEN! lo-and-behold! Their bus breaks down and can't take them home! In the midst of the crying 4-year olds, the teacher looks at me and says "the wheels on the bus didn't go 'round and 'round." :) It made me smile while I stayed 45 after school contract hours to subdue the tears.

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